Rotary Club of Lexington Sunrise Documents

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RCLS Board Meeting Agenda Form.docx16 KB05/02/17 at 12:27 PM
Field of Memories Registration Form.pdf99 KB04/19/17 at 03:03 PM
2015 RCLS Member Project Committees.xls51 KB04/26/16 at 03:27 PM
RCLS Past Presidents.xlsx11 KB02/08/16 at 09:49 AM
Lexington Sunrise Grant Recipients 2003-2015.xlsx16 KB02/08/16 at 09:48 AM
Guidance For Presentations to RCLS.pdf232 KB02/08/16 at 09:47 AM
Final RCLS LRP 2014-2017.docx22 KB02/08/16 at 09:45 AM
1.20.15 New Projects Approval.docx19 KB02/08/16 at 09:43 AM
Rotary Meeting Agenda.docx15 KB02/08/16 at 09:41 AM
Random Rotary Acronoymns.docx17 KB02/08/16 at 09:41 AM
Constitution of Club.docx31 KB02/08/16 at 09:39 AM
LSRC By-Laws.doc39 KB02/08/16 at 09:37 AM