Field of Memories

Sponsored by Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club

May 25-28, 2018




Lexington Sunrise Rotary is pleased to offer the Rockbridge County Community the second annual Memorial Day Field of Memories. This is an opportunity to honor those living and past who have served our Country and Community and touched our lives. It is also an opportunity to honor non-military family members and friends who have given of themselves and influenced our lives.


 A patriotic display of 3 X 5 foot American Flags will be on located on the beautiful grounds of the Hampton Inn, Col Alto in Lexington.  The display will open on Friday afternoon, May 25 and conclude on Monday May 28 at 5 pm. A Memorial Day program will be offered at 4 pm on May 28.


The proceeds raised through this event are distributed to local charities and community organizations.  All money raised is used to SERVE others.


You can subscribe to have a flag flown in the Lexington Sunrise Rotary Memorial Day Field of Memories to honor an individual who has served their country or community in the military, as a firefighter, in the police, or in EMS, or in recognition of their service to others. Your flag may also be flown in honor of a loved one or family friend whom you wish to honor.

A placard will be attached to each flag and a grid location assigned and cross-referenced by name.  Our hope is that citizens will be drawn to the display and tour the memorials and reflect on those honored there.


Obtain your flag reservation online at or visit the Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club website at and obtain more information and registration form there.

Reservation forms are also available downtown at Hess Jeweler on Main Street, Lexington,

The cost is $50 per flag/year. Register early and receive a discount of $5 per flag until April 30 2018.


Thank you for your support.


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